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Many months after the conclusion of the Trials of Apollo, in the last few weeks of their freshman year of college, Annabeth was sitting alone at her work desk in her and Percy's apartment in New Rome, her laptop before her as she worked on the final essay of her History class. The daughter of Athena, clad in nothing but an orange CHB t-shirt and a pair of grey Calvin Klein low-rise briefs, was broken from her concentration by the demand of a petulant little brat.

"I need a diaper change!"

Annabeth smirked to herself as she felt and heard the stomping that was getting louder and closer. Had that been the cry of a toddler that she was babysitting? No. Had that been the cry of an older child behind on her potty training? No. Had that been the cry of a special needs child that had been charged to Annabeth and Percy as a class assignment or at the request of a friend? Still no.

Percy stomped into the bedroom of the apartment and stood next to Annabeth, her personal atmosphere comparable only to a public bathroom. Yes, her, as in female. Percy was a girl.

She had been born a boy, and lived the exact canonical life up until the Sea of Monsters, when he and Annabeth had ended up on Circe's island. The witch, instead of turning Percy into a guinea pig to be sold to an elementary school as a pet, or a pharmaceutical company as a lab rat, decided to take the opportunity of having the son of Poseidon in her clutches and make him the most powerful sorceress that had ever lived. So, giving him a pill that turned him into a girl instead of a rodent, Circe almost succeeded in her plan.

Except for Annabeth figuring out what had happened and foiled the witch.

Curiously, after Percy's transformation from boy to girl, he'd passed out and Circe had dressed the new girl in a simple blue summer dress and a training bra, straightened her hair out and put a blue headband with a blue bow on it in Percy's hair, and, the curious part, instead of panties, a plain white, adolescent-sized, tab-style diaper, with a stack of more diapers left on the table next to the couch that Circe had placed the unconscious Percy. During the rescue, Annabeth had grabbed the diapers on their way out to the docks, figuring that they were needed, and she had been proven right.

Percy had understandably been a total wreck when she came to and discovered her new girl parts, and the diaper. It had taken a lot on Annabeth's part to calm her friend down, because as tumultuous as she was, on the sea, Percy had been threatening to capsize the pirate ship they'd taken with the waves she was making. Of course, after Annabeth managed to get Percy from hysterical sobbing and cursing to just sniffles and hiccups, the poor girl suddenly pooped herself, proving that not only were those diapers necessary, but that girls did, in fact, poop.

After another round of crying and panicking that she was going to need diapers for all her life, Annabeth once again got Percy calmed down, and then they went through the arduous process of changing a teenager's dirty diaper. The only reason Percy agreed to wear another one was that Annabeth concluded that a side effect of Circe's pill was incontinence--to which Annabeth then had to explain what that was, and how it had nothing to do with the tectonic plates--and that it was probably temporary, and so if Percy wanted to avoid peeing all over herself and getting poop on her dress, she'd need to wear a diaper until the spell wore off.

And so, for the rest of the Sea of Monsters, there was Percy, diapered, dressed up, and totally a girl. She and Annabeth had broken into Polyphemus's lair, her diaper wet, and by the time they made off with the Fleece, her diaper was also messy. On the deck of the Princess Andromeda, the femified Percy had dueled Luke in her wet and messy diaper, lost, and got knocked on her butt in such a way that her legs were spread and her dress open, revealing her dirty diaper to Luke and all the monster aboard the ship that were there to witness the spectacle.

They all laughed, and were it not for the timely arrival of Chiron and his Party Ponies, Percy would've capsized the vessel and sent everyone plunging down to Tartarus she got so upset.

When the time came for Percy to use the Fleece to potentially reverse her curse...she had refused. She elected to stay as a girl, and true to Annabeth's prediction, her incontinence had been temporary. Before a full week had passed, Percy's new body had caught up with her and she could once again tell when she needed to go potty, and would wake up at night as needed to go use the potty. However, she still like to wear a diaper.

Not use them as she had during her incontinent time, but just wear one. The soft texture and greater bulk than underwear had grown on Percy, and so she'd eventually worked up the courage to ask Sally to buy Goodnites for her, and Sally had happily complied, being thankful that her new daughter was just into wearing diapers as opposed to being into drugs, alcohol, and sex at her age. Sally did make it clear that she was not going to be changing any diapers unless absolutely necessary.

Percy was a big girl and could change her own diapers if she used them like that.

Which she didn't, unless you counted when she was on her period and she used her Goodnites in the same way that most girls used pads.

From there, it was canon, just with Percy wearing diapers and being on her period every month. She went across the country to rescue Artemis wearing her diaper, she held up the sky wearing her diaper, the strain of which caused her to poop herself; she traversed the Labyrinth and fought in the battle wearing her diaper, peeing in it; she led the Battle of Manhattan wearing her diaper, once again messing herself when she fought Kronos. After the Titan War, during Percy's birthday celebration at CHB, she and Annabeth finally kissed and confessed their feelings.

After so many years of being Percy's friend, Annabeth was hardly bothered by her new girlfriend's love of wearing absorbent undies. In fact, she'd grown so used to it that, when Percy confessed that some of her accidents hadn't been accidents, that she'd peed and pooped herself on purpose because she'd kinda grown to like the feeling of a dirty diaper, Annabeth hadn't batted an eye but just smiled, having pegged Percy's fetish years ago.

During the Giant War, during the voyage across the globe on the Argo II, Percy had been diapered, this time though in actual adult diapers because she'd gotten too big for her Goodnites to hold up against the larger capacity of her bladder. Annabeth had changed Percy's diapers, wiping her girlfriend's poopy butt, often turning a diaper change into a sexual encounter, fingering Percy to climax in her padding. Annabeth had also dabbled in diaper play, wearing and soiling her own padded briefs, Percy happily changing her and making her cum too.

After the Giant War ended, it was back to high school, with Percy having to double down on her studies due to missing her whole junior year. Annabeth was there though, helping her through her doubled-up senior year to eventually make it to college in New Rome. Along the way, both girls stepping up their sexual relationship until it was at the point it was right now, with Percy standing over Annabeth with an absolutely rotten diaper just barely clinging to her hips.

"I need a diaper change," Percy repeated, this time with more force. "It's leaking and it looks like I dropped a bowling ball in the back!"

Annabeth had taped her up into that diaper yesterday morning, and here it was early evening of the next day, with Percy having been peeing and pooping in it during all this time. Percy's diapers weren't custom, being made by a company called Forsite, being blue with pictures of cartoony sea creatures all over them. "Under the Sea," was what the line of diapers was called.

Percy had peed so much in this heavy-duty adult diaper that it was swollen to almost twice its original size, was drooping between her legs, and had a standing puddle in the middle. Little rivulets of pee even trailed down Percy's smooth, muscular legs, drops of pee on the hardwood floor behind her and through the apartment. Her bowling ball simile wasn't too far off either, with her having pooped so much that her diaper was sagging so low to reveal about two inches of her smeared buttcrack. Never mind the smell.

Despite being an absolutely gorgeous and beautiful creature, Percy could drop some absolutely nasty bombs in her pants. Granted, over-a-day-old urine and feces that had been left to stew against a person's body heat was never going to smell like roses, so you really couldn't judge too harshly.

Annabeth hummed in thought, tapping her chin. "No," she finally decided with a chirp. "You can wait for me to finish my essay."

"But it's leaking!" Percy insisted, stamping her foot. "And my butthole and girl parts are all itchy and stinging, so I have a diaper rash!"

"A shower will fix that."

"So? I want a diaper change right now!"

"No. I'm your Mommy, and I will change your diaper when I'm ready to do so. Until then, go play with your toys."

Percy's eyes narrowed as she growled, and Annabeth turned away from her and back to her laptop so that her smirk would remain hidden. Percy grabbed the rolly chair and spun Annabeth around.


"Shut up, Mommy."

Percy got down on her knees, pulled Annabeth's panties aside, and gave her girlfriend's freshly-shaved puss* a good hard licking. Annabeth moaned and smiled. Exactly as planned, she thought to herself through her ecstasy. If Percy wanted something, and Annabeth wouldn't do it, then Percy knew just how to get it.

The diapered daughter of Poseidon licked and licked, up and down, side to side, in circles, all while thumbing over Annabeth's cl*t and peehole, humming the tune of the alphabet while she had her whole tongue inside of her girlfriend's baby canal. Not even a full three minutes later, Annabeth's back arched and she put her arm over her mouth to muffle her cry as she came. A single, solid blast of creamy fluid erupted from Annabeth's snatch like foam out of a champagne bottle, and Percy gulped every drop down and licked away every last glistening particle about Annabeth's crotch until the only stuff left was her saliva.

Percy stood up and placed her hands on her diapered hips with a victorious grin. "Now. Change. My. Diaper."

Annabeth was more than happy to comply this time, her girlfriend's putrid stink now too much for her after her org*sm had cleared the hormones from her brain. At least, for right now.


Instead of bothering with wipes, Annabeth just ran a bath. She popped one tape on Percy's diaper and the others instantly came undone. The filthy garment felt to the floor with a splat, revealing the mound of sh*t that Percy had produced in the day-and-a-half she'd been wearing her diaper. She did indeed have a diaper rash, but it was nothing the pleasantly warm water couldn't fix. A few minutes later, Percy was clean as a whistle and smelling of vanilla and honey.

Now it was Annabeth's turn for some fun.

Still wearing just her t-shirt and panties, Annabeth spread out a Goodnites Bed Mat upon the living room floor, Percy watching from the couch, this time wearing blue panties with white polka dots and her own orange CHB t-shirt. She hadn't completely distanced herself from Goodnites, still having a package sitting in her underwear drawer along with her panties, socks, and bras. The reason for having Bed Mats was that she and Annabeth liked to use them for their kinks.

Standing on top of the mat, her hands on her hips, her butt facing Percy, Annabeth slightly leaned forward and didn't push so much as just relax. Where Percy had been soling that diaper for the past day-and-a-half, Annabeth had been holding it all in, just for this moment. Percy watched, awed, transfixed, and turned on as a little protrusion appeared in Annabeth's panties, there in the seat, and then that little turtle head instantly expanded down and out into a huge, baseball-sized lump that stained the grey fabric brown. Then a dam broke in Annabeth's bladder, and yellowish pee went cascading down the front of her panties, rapidly falling off the poop bulge like water off a stalactite. The stream of pee got so intense that two flows broke off and went pouring down the sides of Annabeth's legs, leading to a trifecta of piss routes that all soaked into the bed mat below the blonde.

Almost a minute straight later, and Annabeth's body was finally done. The mat was soaked, her legs were teeming with urine, and her panties were bulging and sagging with hot, solid poop. Percy had been furiously rubbing her own panties the whole time, and was refused org*sm when Annabeth walked over after drying her feet off on a dry part of the mat, and smacked the daughter of Poseidon's hands away from herself, making her whine.

"Not yet," Annabeth said with a smirk.

Fouling the air with the stink of her waste, Annabeth went over and grabbed an outfit that she'd laid on the arm of the couch. A pair of faded white skinny jeans, some no-show socks, a blue tulle skirt, and sneakers. With Percy still watching, Annabeth stepped into her jeans, and with great effort given the big load of filth in her underwear, managed to pull them up and into place. The poop bulge was still plain as day, with brown smears about the seat of the jeans due to some poop having squished out of Annabeth's panties.

Annabeth grabbed a nearby chair and threw her weight into her butt as she sat down, making Percy moan. Smirking, Annabeth grinded her butt back and forth on the chair, around in circles, and bounced up and down. She stood up and showed off her accomplishment: the obvious bulge had been drastically reduced, and the whole ass of her faded-white skinny jeans was stained brown. Through her efforts, Annabeth had squished most of her sh*t out of the confines of her panties and smeared the whole of her ass in her filth.

The chair was clean, if not a little smelly.

"Whew, stin~ky~," Annabeth said, fanning her hand in front of her nose as she drew out the two syllables.

Then she stepped into her skirt and pulled it up, tucking her CHB t-shirt into the waistband. While the skirt had a spandex liner in it already, the shirt added another layer of obscurity. Just like that, with her skirt up and shirt tucked in, you'd never be able to tell that Annabeth had pooped and peed herself unless you were able to pin the source of the rancid odor onto her. Percy's panties were absolutely soaked in her precum, but she still hadn't climaxed yet, and Annabeth wasn't about to let her, not with what she had in mind for later tonight.

With a kiss to the girl's forehead, Annabeth said, "Put a Goodnite on over your panties and get dressed. We're going shopping."

While Percy got dressed, Annabeth disposed of the soaked bed mat and lit a few scented candles to combat to the growing stench of poop in the apartment, all while her backside was still covered in her mess. When Percy was ready, Annabeth tugged out the back of her jeans and confirmed the presence of a Goodnite over panties, making Percy flush at having her pants checked as if she were a toddler with a dirty pull-up. The delightful irony was that the young woman checking her pants was actually the one who had completely messed herself.

"Stinky butt," Percy said with a giggle.

Annabeth just co*cked a hip to the side with a smirk. "Uh-huh. And you're not much one to talk, little stinker."

Percy just giggled again.

A smelly car ride later, and they were in the mall, going from shop to shop, making people's noses wrinkle and their faces screw up whenever the girls passed by, Annabeth's poopy smell permeating the air around her for a solid twelve feet. Percy could hardly stop giggling as she watched wives and girlfriends accuse their husbands and boyfriends of farting, groups of boys accuse each other and demand a warning next time, and mothers check their kids' pants for poop. Babies, toddlers, little kids of four, five, and six, and even some older kids of nine, ten, and eleven had the backs of their underwear tugged out so their mothers could look inside for a mess.

The girls bought some new lotions and perfumes purely just to buy them, and they went browsing through the shoes and clothes of various stores, employees often coming up with a smile that quickly turned into a grimace when Annabeth's smell hit them. They'd try to recover and ask if they needed any help with anything, but they always failed, stuttering and stumbling over their words as they tried to figure out just what in the world that nasty stench was.

Annabeth always kept a straight face and pretended nothing was wrong, but Percy had no such self-control and was a giggling mess the whole time, giggling even harder whenever one of the employees went away to confer with their fellows, sharing their theories about why the air around those two girls over there was so foul. The common theories were that either Percy, Annabeth, or both of them were gassy or they'd stepped in dog poop or something on their way into the mall. Of all the shops they visited before their last one, only two other places kind of got it right.

On young man had proposed that maybe one of the girls had bowel incontinence and needed a change, and one young woman had proposed that they had finished babysitting a child and the poopy diaper smell had seeped into their clothes and they didn't realize it.

It was awesome to Percy that the only thing keeping their secret from being exposed was the skirt Annabeth was wearing. It went down to her knees, so it was a bit harder to flip, but if someone did, then the brown smears all over Annabeth's ass would be visible for all to see for about half a second.

And then whoever did the skirt-flipping would die a painful death at Annabeth's hand and be in for a painful afterlife in the Underworld after Percy sweet-talked her uncle that she had wrapped around her finger like she did with her dad.

The lost shop they went into was Victoria's Secret for new panties, because Percy's were soaked in precum and by this point, piss, having wet herself while in the mall, her Goodnite keeping her pants dry, and Annabeth's panties were completely ruined, as were her jeans. After a few minutes of browsing around the shelves and displays, the girls had their chosen underwear and went to check out. The clerk smiled brightly but faltered when Annabeth got close enough.

"Is everything alright?" the blonde asked.

"Y-Yeah...the restrooms are next door and I guess...yeah. Everything's alright," the clerk said, shaking her head.

"Yeah, we've been smelling poop ever since we got here," Annabeth casually stated. "Maybe something happened to the plumbing."

"Probably. Wouldn't surprise me."

"Or maybe someone's child needs a diaper change."

"That's also a possibility."

"It could also be that the girl standing before you pooped herself about two hours ago and has been going around this whole mall with poopy panties on under her jeans." Annabeth shrugged. "The possibilities are endless."

The clerk's jaw dropped and Percy burst into a fit of giggles. As such, she missed the clerk's face going bright as she muttered, "That's hot," under her breath, but Annabeth caught it.

When their purchase was finished and they were on their way out the door, Annabeth, knowing the kinky clerk was eyeballing her ass, lifted her skirt up enough to show the brown stains across the seat of her jeans. The clerk looked away rapidly, a little bit of blood suddenly trailing from her nose.

The final stop for the mall was the food court for dinner. McDonalds was their choice, and as they waited in line, more than a few people left the line, unable to deal with the horrid stench that Annabeth had produced. Once they had their 50-piece chicken nuggets with a large fry, several things of buffalo sauce, and large Sprites, they took a seat for the first time in over two hours. The mess inside Annabeth's jeans didn't do much on account of already having been smashed and squished around during the car ride over here and all the walking they been doing, but by this point, Annabeth's butthole was starting to sting and itch, indicating she had her own diaper rash.

Hardly a surprise, since she hadn't put any baby powder or lotion on before messing herself.

It was alright though. Just like how Percy could use water to get rid of her own diaper rash, so too could she do it for Annabeth.

"You're stinky," Percy chirped around a chicken nugget.

"And you're talking with your mouth full. Very nasty."

"Not as nasty as you having pooped all over yourself."

"You hardly have any room to talk, stinky butt. Or did you think I didn't notice you wetting and messing yourself earlier?"

Percy flushed at being caught about her own soiled state. She'd been hoping that with her own skinny jeans and Annabeth's overpowering smell, that her poop bulge and her own smell wouldn't have been noticed, but she really should've known better by now than to try and pull a sneaky one on her girlfriend.

"We're taking another shower when we get home," Annabeth said.

"Mm-hm," Percy agreed wholeheartedly.

When they finished their meal, they threw their trash away and left the mall with their clothes and fragrances. Another very stinky car ride later and they were back home. While Annabeth let the water get hot, she bagged her jeans and panties, and Percy's Goodnite and panties, double-bagged them, and then threw them away. She put her t-shirt, skirt, and socks in the laundry basket, and Percy did so with her own clothes, all ready for washing later tonight when the water heater had reset.

After a peaceful shower of scrubbing each other clean of their filth and drying off and putting on clean panties and pajamas, Annabeth decided it was finally time to let Percy cum since she'd been a good girl.

Blushing and eager, Percy laid back on the bed and spread her legs after taking off her bottoms, exposing her shaven crotch and ass, sparkling clean and smelling like strawberries. Annabeth crawled on top of her girlfriend, leaning down to kiss her while she slipped a buzzing little toy inside of Percy's ass, making her moan. Breaking the kiss, Annabeth crawled backwards and got to work with her mouth, tongue-f*cking her beautiful girlfriend while using her finger to rub her cl*t and press down on her vulva, making sure that her tongue was striking Percy's g-spot with every flick.

Between the stimulus of her cl*t, the wonderful tongue rolling around inside her privates, hitting her g-spot, and the vibrator inside of her asshole, Percy didn't last long under Annabeth's attention. Granted, Percy's not long equated to about a quarter of an hour, being the daughter of Poseidon granting her a tremendous amount of stamina compared to other demigod girls. She started bucking her hips and moaning in a way that had Annabeth thinking of a sine graph, and she was grateful, because her jaw was starting to get sore.

Just a few more tasty seconds later, and Percy finally arched with a keening cry that probably had the attention of everyone three doors left and right and two floors up and down. Unlike Annabeth's earlier climax of a single, big shot of cum, Percy's juices came out of her in three hard jets of milky fluid before turning into a steady trickle. It made Annabeth glad that she'd put down one of the Goodnites bed mats before eating Percy out, because that last jet of cum had hit the back of throat just right to make her recoil and cough from choking, meaning all the cum that started trickling out of Percy's puss* was left to soak the mat instead of the bed.

Percy collapsed, panting and blushing, totally spent from her org*sm. After having been denied for two days now, she had a lot built up, and it had all come out. Annabeth licked her lips and dabbed everything else away using one of the edges of the bed mat. She kissed Percy an early goodnight, with it being just barely eight o'clock, and left her girlfriend to sleep peacefully atop the bed mat, naked from the waist down. Annabeth pulled the covers up over Percy and went back to her desk and booted up her laptop.

As she started working on her essay once again, she felt that today had been a very good day.

Annabeth and Her Girlfriend - bheat8112 - Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Related Fandoms (2024)


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