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Are Crocs slip-resistant? This is a common question that pops up in the mind if you are planning to buy Crocs for work. Crocs are considered one of the most popular brands of footwear. They come in an array of styles and designs and are perfect for children and adults, and both men and women. So, are Crocs slip-resistant?

Some Crocs models are indeed slip-resistant.Originally designed as a boat show, composed of a closed-cell resin foam called Croslite provided good grip on wet surfaces.Crocs made with the patented Crocs Lock slip-resistant tread are considered slip-resistant!

Crocs Company doesn’t claim that their shoes are no-slip as that is very difficult to prove with so many different potential surfaces.They do offer certain models that are considered slip-resistant.

Scroll down for a complete list of Crocs with the “Crocs Lock Slip-Resistant” tread.

Perfect for All Kinds of Conditions

Crocs are a good type of shoe regardless of the conditions or situations. It doesn’t matter if you are having a backyard party, walking along the seashore, or simply want to have a good day out and about, Crocs are a comfortable and remarkable option, which a lot of people love and take pleasure in.

This also works well for work; it depends on the kind of job. Lots of jobs will need a slip-resistant shoe; that is why we’re going to discuss if Crocs are slip-resistant.

Are All Models of Crocs Available Slip-Resistant?

Those who are working in a food establishment or medical center or any job with slipper floors need to think of buying and using slip-resistant Crocs. While all models of Crocs look like an ideal and comfortable choice for the jobs mentioned, you need to need to be extra careful as not all models are slip-resistant.

Although the original Crocs were designed as a water or boat shoe, they weren’t specifically designed as slip-resistant shoes. Crocs later patented their “Crocs Lock” slip-resistant sole which they use on shoes designed for restaurant workers, health care workers, nurses, surgeons, etc.

Let’s take a look a those…

Which Models or Types of Crocs Are Actually Slip-Resistant?

Those models of Crocs meeting the industry standards for slip-resistant are just categorized under Crocs Lock slip-resistant tread.

Here is the list of Crocs that have the patented “Crocs Lock” slip-resistant tread:

Are these Slip Resistant Crocs Available in Various Sizes?

The fact that slip-resistant footwear is largely for working at places with slippery floors, you find it hard to buy slip-resistant Crocs for little ones.

Slip-resistant Crocs are available for men and women regardless of size. The availability of sizes for every specific shoe might differ, subject to the season, all sizes will be available.

Are All Models of Crocs Shoes Non-Slip?

The company doesn’t claim regarding all their shoes are non-slippery. This takes account of the slip-resistant section.

On the other hand, according to shoe experts, the phrase slip-resistant and non-slip are interchangeable. Diverse brands utilize the phrases in a different way; however, as a whole, slip-resistant and non-slip shoes are going to have the same slip resistance.

When you visit the company’s website and browse the slip-resistant category, Crocs stated that they do not offer non-slip shoes. But, this is only something some brands use to be in a safe area with regards to regulation, as there is no shoe that can totally stop a person from slipping.

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Crocs Bistro Pro Literide Unisex Clogs

The FAQ section also states that users need to utilize general caution with Crocs as with any other brand and model of shoes.

Therefore, the non-slip can also be interchanged with slip-resistant. However, the reason is that it is not a measure of precaution from the company.

What Can You Say About Crocs Not Included in the Slip-Resistant Category?

If you are working in an establishment with slippery floors, you need to be extra careful when buying Crocs, most especially the one that is not included in the category of slip-resistant.

The reason behind this is that there is no assurance for them to be slip-resistant; therefore, you are not sure of how slipper the soles on the product you bought are.

Most Crocs are fairly good on wet surfaces, but you must be cautious.

If you work in an establishment with slippery floors, It’s probably best if you choose Crocs with the “Crocs Lock slip-resistant” tread.

Are These Slip Resistant Shoes from Crocs Comfy to Use?

Research and previous users say that these slip-resistant Crocs shoes are comfortable to wear. The slip-resistance feature is due to the industry standard crock-lock.

In spite of meeting the standard required, the Crocs shoes are very comfortable to wear, just like ordinary shoes out there due to the integrated super lightweight Croslite material.

A slip-resistant Crocs shoes will reduce the possibility of slipping while keeping your feet comfortable and get rid of the pressure and stress.

Why Crocs Shoes Slip Resistant?

The reason why Crocs are slip-resistant is due to the materials these shoes are made of, different from the usual or standard shoes out there.

The disparity between the normal Crocs shoe and the slip-resistant Croc is the thickness of the sole and its pattern as well.

A slip-resistant croc shoe comes with a sole that is made with a thick material, which offers the slip-resistant Crocs shoe with extra grip to prevent slipping.

What Types or Style of Slip-Resistant Crocs Shoes Available?

Slip-resistant Crocs shoes are available in various styles and designs. Just like in other classifications, there are many designs and styles to choose from. So, there is surely one to suit you best.

The main types of slip-resistant category take account of the following:

Clog Style, Specialist II Unisex Clogs

This is considered one of the most classic styles of Crocs that everyone will be familiar with. However, the Specialist II Clog includes the Crocs Lock patented tread.

Are Crocs Slip Resistant? - Pedi Delight (2)

Crocs Specialist II Unisex Clogs

Crocs are super lightweight, and they are quite comfortable when worn as well. This style is common to medical workers, nurses, surgeons, etc.

Slip Resistant Work Shoes

The Neria Pro II Work Clogs were developed specifically for nurses. They offer arch support as well as the patented Crocs Lock slip-resistant tread.

Are Crocs Slip Resistant? - Pedi Delight (3)

Crocs Neria Pro II Women's Clogs

They are comfortable for those long shifts on your feet. Comfortable and lightweight.

Crocs Kadee Work Flat

Last but not least is Kadee Work Flat. This is particularly made for ladies. This is identical to flats when it comes to design.

Are Crocs Slip Resistant? - Pedi Delight (4)

Crocs Duet Busy Day Women's Ballet Flats

However, what makes it apart is that it provides more support that can be great once you work longer shifts.

How Does Slip-Resistant Shoe from Crocs Fit?

A slip-resistant model fits the same way as standard Crocs.

Roomy and relaxed are two styles of Crocs, and the disparity between these styles is that the relaxed fit is secure but comfortable while roomy has more space for the feet.

In general, you can also expect comfort, quality, and good looks when it comes to Crocs shoes.

How Much Is A Crocs Shoe?

The price range of a slip-resistant croc shoe is $30 to $60; it depends on the color, size, and style. The colors available include black, white, and blue.

There are also Crocs shoes available in a combination of these shades. Some come with superb and exceptional patterns, which differ a bit from these color schemes.

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Are Crocs Slip Resistant? - Pedi Delight (2024)


Are Crocs supposed to be slip resistant? ›

Are Crocs slip resistant? Crocs made with Lock? tread, which meets industry standards for slip resistance. This makes our Crocs slip resistant shoes perfect for food service, hospitality, health care workers, and more!

Do Crocs have enough support? ›

That said, Crocs lack arch support, so exercising, walking for an extended period of time, or working in them is not recommended by foot specialists. The plastic construction may also lead to sweaty, stinky feet and even blisters.

Are Crocs okay for children's feet? ›

Peds unanimously agree that Crocs are especially bad for younger children's developing feet. When they can't feel the ground, children are not only at a greater risk for falls and injuries, but also neurological and intrinsic muscle impairments that can lead to foot issues later in life.

Are Crocs good for standing for long periods? ›

If you spend most of the day standing or walking, you might be tempted to wear Crocs since they feel comfortable. They may feel nice on your feet, but they don't provide the support you need when walking or standing for long periods of time. As a result, you'll probably have sore feet later on.

Are Crocs slippery on wet floor? ›

Slip Resistance Testing

“Independent test results demonstrate that Crocs Lock™ tread is a leader in slip-resistance. Crocs Lock™ tread consistently tested above a 0.45 CoF on wet (. 75), dry (. 84), soapy (.

Do Crocs have grip in water? ›

Crocs are high-quality shoes that are a type of footwear that you can wear in water. They have a few features that make them suitable to be worn in water, including slip resistance and the inability to absorb moisture. They also help your feet dry quickly, making them acceptable for water use.

Why can't kids wear Crocs to school? ›

"Crocs provide little support and they can easily slip off during recess, gym, or any other activity beyond walking." Alfieri also is concerned about the risks from wearing Crocs from the morning bell to when school lets out in the afternoon. "Crocs are not the kind of shoe that should be worn all day long," she says.

Do kids need to wear socks with Crocs? ›

But Crocs—just like any shoe—will feel better, smell better, and ultimately last longer if you wear socks with them.

What is the age limit for Crocs? ›

Play Areas

The play facilities at Croc's have been designed by one of the world's leading indoor play specialists and are intended to accommodate children aged 9 years and below. Each centre has a dedicated babies play section lined with a soft play areas and sensory activities to encourage imaginative play.

What kind of Crocs do nurses wear? ›

Crocs Unisex Bistro Clogs for Nurses

Specifically created for the healthcare industry, these clogs offer superior comfort, easy cleaning, and added safety with slip-resistant tread and a protective toe box.

Which Crocs have the most support? ›

The Crocs Rx Relief is designed to be the most comfortable Crocs that you will ever wear. The "Crocs Relief" has extra arch support so they are great for people with plantar fasciitis.

What is the best footwear for standing all day? ›

The Best Shoes for Standing All Day
  • Karhu Synchron 2.0.
  • Saucony Triumph 21.
  • Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 40.
  • New Balance Fresh Foam MORE v4.
  • ASICS Gel-Kayano 29.
  • Altra Paradigm 6.
  • Adidas Ultraboost Light.
  • Diadora Mythos Blueshield Volo 3.

Can I wear Crocs to work at Chipotle? ›

Casual but neat clothing. Wear crocs/kitchen safe shoes (it can be slick on that floor) and just look nice.

Do Crocs lose grip? ›

Crocs are great footwear, unfortunately like most footwear the soles wear down over time and use. This Instructable shows how to use a soldering Iron to Revive the Grips on the bottom of your Crocs.

Why do restaurant workers wear Crocs? ›

With long shifts on slippery and messy floors kitchen workers need shoes for the task. Crocs shoes for kitchen workers, waiters, and waitresses are water resistant for easy cleaning and slip resistant.

Are Crocs slippery in shower? ›

Best for the Gym : Classic Crocs Slide

The brand's unique Croslite foam provides comfort for long wear and offers 360-degree support to keep your feet sturdy and slip-free while in the shower.


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