Cutting Torch Tips: Sizes and Charts (2024)

Are you preparing for a project that requires a cutting torch? Are you having a hard time deciding which tip will work best? If you answered yes to these questions, you have stumbled upon the right article.

Here we will discuss the various types of cutting torch tips and the best sizes for each job.

Look over the article for helpful tidbits of information, or glance at each tip chart for quick answers to the most common torch tip questions.

What Are Cutting Torch Tips?

To understand what a cutting torch tip is, we should first talk about what a cutting torch does. A cutting torch is a tool specially designed for cutting and welding metals with various fuel types.

The torch uses oxygen and gas to create an oxy flame that gets hot enough to cut through metal. The tip is designed with a hole, supplying the oxy flame to the metal surface.

The type of tip you use on the torch determines the job it performs. This is a common tool frequently used in the welding industry.

Cutting Torch Tip Types



Fuel Type




One piece





One piece





One piece





One piece





One piece





Two piece





Two piece




There are two main types of cutting torch tips: one-piece tips and two-piece tips. Various tips go into each category based on the fuel type, metal, and preheat temperature.

One-Piece Cutting Torch Tips

A cutting torch tip consisting of one tip is mainly used for high-heat cutting. This type relies on MAPP, acetylene, and propane. The hole size will vary in size depending on the task.

One-piece tip design: This tip has two parts, a single-cutting jet passage for oxygen and a preheated flame passage.

Two-piece tip design: This tip has five parts: the outer shell, the inner member, preheat flame grooves, groove extremities, and the cutting passage for oxygen.

Two-Piece Cutting Torch Tips

The two-piece cutting torch tip is used when working with natural gasses like propylene. MAPP also works better with a two-piece torch tip. This tip provides precise, smooth cuts and accurate measurements.

Light, Medium, and Heavy Pre-Heat Tips

The preheat tip style helps determine what type of cutting the tool can produce. These tips are used for various tasks on clean, dirty, and even rusted plates.

The preheat flame passes through flame ports. These flames heat metal to the specific temperature required to react with cutting oxygen. Each tip has four or six preheat holes, producing various flow levels.

Cutting Torch Tip Sizes For Metal Thickness

Cutting Torch Tips: Sizes and Charts (1)

Plate Thickness

Tip Size

1/8 inches


1/4 inches


3/8 inches

1/2 inches

3/4 inches


1 inch


2 inches


3 inches


4 inches


When you have to choose the proper tip size, you must base it on the thickness of the metal you are cutting. The thicker the material, the larger your tip will need to be.

The tip sizes range from 000 to 8, coinciding with a metal thickness of 1/8 to 12 inches.

The tip size is determined by the orifice for cutting oxygen gas. Tip sizes are often labeled differently depending on the manufacturer, as companies have no industry standards to follow.

Use the Right Tip Size for Every Job

Choosing the correct tip size is extremely important. Even if you plan on cutting back on oxygen and fuel, using an oversized tip is never a good idea. Doing this can result in overheating, backfiring, tip damage, and flashbacks.

When you choose the best tip size for your project, the torch will swiftly cut away narrow pieces of metal. The resulting width from this cut is known as the kerf.

When in Doubt, Read the Manual

Cutting Torch Tips: Sizes and Charts (2)

Each manufacturer provides user manuals to their customers. You can refer back to this guide to help choose the right tip for the type of fuel you are using.

There are various cutting torch tools, each requiring a different tip to get the right type of cut.

The best way to ensure you purchase the right tip is by taking the advice of those who manufactured the tool.

Benefits of Cutting Torch Tips

Once you get the hang of picking out the right torch tips, matching them to your fuel, cutting material, and preheating, you will start to understand all the benefits these modern-day tools provide.

Saves Money

Cutting torch tips can be a once-in-a-lifetime purchase if you play your cards right. Choosing a reputable brand with quality tips ensures you will have the same one no matter how many times you use it.

Versatile Performance

Cutting torches are created to be compatible with a variety of tips. This allows you to use a single tool to tackle many different jobs.

Enhanced Cutting Speed

Cutting through metal with a cutting torch and the right tip is much quicker than most other forms of metal cutting. This option gives the user precise cuts in less time.

Even, Smooth Cuts

Say goodbye to the top slag, bottom flag, and upper edges. These cutting tips create the perfect setup for clear-cut precision.

How Much Do Cutting Torch Tips Cost?

The cost of cutting torch tips will vary significantly depending on the brand, durability, and quality of the product. You can pick up some tips for less than ten bucks, but they probably won’t be top-quality.

Other tips can cost upwards of a few hundred dollars and will give you professional-grade cutting results.

On average, you can expect to spend around $50 for a durable, good-quality torch tip that will last you a long time and give you nice clean cuts every time you use it.

Final Thoughts

The amount of cutting tips available today is incredible. Each is designed to provide easy, quick cuts to various types and sizes of metal. Knowing how to choose the perfect tip for each of your projects will provide you with a professional, clean cut every time.

I am a seasoned expert in metalworking and welding processes, particularly in the use of cutting torches. My hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge make me well-equipped to guide you through the intricacies of choosing the right cutting torch tips for your projects.

Let's delve into the concepts outlined in the article:

Cutting Torch Tips Overview:

Cutting torch tips are integral components of cutting torches, specialized tools designed for cutting and welding metals using oxygen and gas. The tips play a crucial role by supplying an oxy flame to the metal surface.

Types of Cutting Torch Tips:

  1. One-Piece Cutting Torch Tips:

    • Utilized for high-heat cutting.
    • Compatible with fuels like MAPP, acetylene, and propane.
    • Varying hole sizes based on the task.
    • Design includes a single-cutting jet passage for oxygen and a preheated flame passage.
  2. Two-Piece Cutting Torch Tips:

    • Employed when working with natural gases like propylene.
    • Ideal for precise, smooth cuts and accurate measurements.
    • Consists of five parts: outer shell, inner member, preheat flame grooves, groove extremities, and cutting passage for oxygen.

Pre-Heat Tips:

Light, medium, and heavy pre-heat tips are used for different tasks on clean, dirty, and rusted plates. The preheat flame passes through flame ports, heating the metal to the required temperature for reacting with cutting oxygen.

Tip Sizes for Metal Thickness:

Choosing the right tip size is crucial, dependent on the thickness of the metal being cut. Tip sizes range from 000 to 8, corresponding to metal thicknesses of 1/8 to 12 inches.

Selecting the Right Tip Size:

Choosing the correct tip size is essential to avoid issues like overheating, backfiring, tip damage, and flashbacks. Referring to the manufacturer's manual is recommended for precise guidance.

Benefits of Cutting Torch Tips:

  1. Saves Money:

    • Quality cutting torch tips can be a one-time investment.
    • Choosing a reputable brand ensures durability.
  2. Versatile Performance:

    • Cutting torches are designed to be compatible with various tips, allowing a single tool to handle different jobs.
  3. Enhanced Cutting Speed:

    • Cutting through metal with the right tip is quicker than many other cutting methods.
  4. Even, Smooth Cuts:

    • Cutting tips contribute to precise cuts without top slag, bottom flag, or uneven edges.

Cost of Cutting Torch Tips:

The cost varies based on brand, durability, and quality. While some tips can be inexpensive, professional-grade tips may cost around $50 on average, providing durability and clean cuts.

Final Thoughts:

Choosing the right cutting torch tip is crucial for achieving professional, clean cuts. Understanding the various types, sizes, and benefits of tips empowers you to make informed decisions for your metalworking projects.

Cutting Torch Tips: Sizes and Charts (2024)


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